Verse novella’s that step back in time to take you on a journey of discovery and adventure

“Moog’s Halcyon Days”

14 year old ‘Moog’ is struggling with the loss of his beloved Gramps so Dad decides to cheer him up by renovating his Gramps old stereogram.

Moog is about to take an incredible timeslip into prog rock mythology…

Operation Manna – Sam’s Last Mission

Operation Manna – Sam’s Last Mission

Take to the skies of WW2 with a stirring tale full of courage, camaraderie and sacrifice. Follow rookie Sam and his brave RAF crew on their nail biting, perilous tour of duty and remarkable role in the world’s first humanitarian aid drop.

©Simon Howard

Brom’s Longest Night

picture: light snow from pngtree.com

The Waghalter Tales – Parts I and II

Tale of The Dawn Pipes & Tale of The Neck Verse

Follow Freddie on a spooky trip back to Medieval England in this thrilling and dangerous time travelling adventure

Watch the trailer here

©Simon Howard

The shortest day of the year is marked at the Midwinter Solstice, also known as Yule.

The myth of the battle between the Holly King and the Oak King occurs at the Winter Solstice and again at the Summer Solstice. The Yule battle is won by the Oak King, who then rules as the days increase in length and the Wheel of the Year turns toward the summer. In the summer the Holly King wins.

or so the legend says…

Join 12 year old Brom on his emotional and perilous journey to the frozen land of Wintergreen on Midwinter Solstice in a snow-laden Time Slip adventure!

©Simon Howard

Run Like The Wind

Twelve year old Sherwin suffers from asthma and struggles at sport. That is, until his Dad buys a clapped out running machine and Sherwin embarks on an adventure that will change his life forever!

©Simon Howard